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K Sports Hockey Club at Ditton, near Aylesford, Kent has become the first hockey club in the country to receive a grant from the charity RALPHH to purchase and install defibrillation equipment.

Established in the 1930’s, the Club has a growing membership which currently stands at 60 men, 40 women and 25 juniors. Various teams play in the South East England Invicta Division, which means travelling for away matches from South East London, Folkestone and the Sussex border.

The national charity RALPHH provided a grant of £1,300 towards the installation, which is being made adjacent to the hockey pitches of the multi-sport K Sports Cobdown complex. RALPHH (standing for the Robert Allen Life Promotion and Healthy Hearts Trust) was established in 2018, with one of its main aims being to increase access to defibrillation equipment at amateur and exerting sporting locations. The charity has its origins in the sport of rowing, but has recently assisting other clubs involved with sailing, rugby and hockey.

“Playing good hockey requires a high level of personal fitness, so I am delighted that we have been able to help such a lively club,” said Richard Allen Chairman of RALPHH. “The advantages of being active and playing sport have never been more understood, but it is also right that where individuals are striving so hard for success that precautionary thought is given to what can be so unexpected.”

“We are extremely grateful to RALPHH for generous grant towards purchasing and installing essential defibrillation equipment”, said Matt Sharp Chairperson of K Sports Hockey Club. “This will provide quick access for our Members and Visitors, should the need for the kit be required, and will be accessible to all site users and the community, through its registration on the “Circuit Network” which is used by the local Ambulance Service, ensuring its location can be found”.

RALPHH is hoping to work with more hockey clubs in the future and welcomes hearing from clubs or schools where the financial assistance of the charity could be beneficial.

Pictured left to right, in receipt of the defibrillator and its weatherproof casing are: Matt Sharp, Chairperson of K Sports Hockey Club; Richard Allen, Chairman of RALPHH and Jack Clark, who is the General Manager of K Sports Cobdown.. 


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