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This is Robert Allen

RALPHH takes it name from the late Robert Allen who has a National Schools' Rowing Champion and a respected rowing coach. A former Senior Prefect at Kingston Grammar School his death from a shock heart attack in August 2018, occurred whilst he was preparing for a short sailing holiday with friends. During his life he became well-known in rowing circles as well as having many friends in so many different walks of life. 


His family - and particularly his friends - were unwilling to let his memory fade and wanted this to be associated with the cause of caring for other people, which was so much part of Robert's identity. 


The charity was recognised by the Charity Commission in August 2019 with trustees drawn from those who knew of Robert's achievements in his life. Despite issues created by the Covid pandemic, RALPHH completed the gifting or part-funding of 19 defibrillators and their housing in the first four years of the charity.


How You Can Help


By the organisation of fund-raising events, from which RALPHH is at least one of the beneficiaries


By individual and corporation donations that qualify for tax relief (RALPHH charitable number 1184900.


By engaging RALPHH personnel to speak at events

Get in Touch

0208 390 2732

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