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Boat club users of a lake that was established as part of the work of the famous landscaper Capability Brown, are the latest to benefit from a defibrillator donated by the national charity RALPHH.

The gift has been made to Trentham Boat Club, who share facilities with Trentham Canoe Club at one part of the renown Trentham Gardens estate, just south of Stoke-on-Trent. Rowing has been taking place on the 1,000-metre-long lake since 1973 and the rowing club was formed in 2004. There are 100 members, including a successful junior group who in 2021 qualified for the Henley Regatta for the first time. The Canoe club also includes an active group involved in outrigging, whilst dragon boat racing also takes place.

RALPHH was able to gift the defibrillation equipment to the rowing club following an approach made to the charity by Welfare Officer Anne Williams. When housed in a prominent position within the boathouse it has the facility to be taken away by participants in regattas and time trial events in other parts of the north Midlands. The Club itself is preparing for its own regatta in the first week of June, when guests will include other rowing clubs in the region.

The trustees of RALPHH have three key aims. The first is to increase defibrillator coverage at exerting sporting locations; to improve access to cardiac and circulatory testing for those involved in rowing and other strenuous sports; and finally, to ensure people walk away from vigorous sporting activity in a measured, step-down manner for their own personal safety.

The charity (Robert Allen Life Promotion and Health Hearts Trust) RALPHH was formed in the memory of the late Robert Allen who was a national junior rowing champion and coach. To date the organisation has stimulated and help fund defibrillators in 14 locations across the whole of England and is looking to expand its reach through partnerships with sporting clubs and schools.

Pictures left to right at the handover of the equipment are Ken Walters, Trentham Boat Club Treasurer; Anne Williams; Nick Aldridge, Facilities Officer at the Club; and Jane Allen, representing the RALPHH organisation.

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