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RALPHH Makes Busy Start To 2022

The current hard-hitting advertising by the British Heart Foundation showing a healthy-looking young girl fall to the ground after a heart or circulatory problem whilst on the sports field, as well as the untimely death of the much-respected MP Jack Dromey in his 70’s have together illustrated that having the right equipment to deal with the sometimes tragically unexpected situations is more and more important. Similarly, such imposing conditions are no respecter of age.

At RALPHH our primary aims are to stop the likelihood of such issues occurring, and where they do to lessen the impact as much as possible. One of the most tangible means of helping is providing defibrillation in easy reach of those on a playing field or sport-related location where the body is often under physical stress. Exercise is generally very good for all people, but its level and timeliness is defined by individual circumstance.

The RALPHH charity is working hard to help schools and sporting clubs plug a gap in their defibrillator provision by providing grants which assist both the installation and on-going maintenance of such equipment. Earlier in January, the charity confirmed agreement with Diss High School in Norfolk for defibrillation equipment to be installed adjacent to a very large and popular playing field that is part of the secondary school. Fast use of such equipment can mean the difference between life and a more tragic result.

Later this month a grant to Kingston Grammar School in South West London means that new equipment will be installed on the exterior of a building that overlooks the popular Fairfield, which is used by local people for sport and general recreation. This is seen as particularly important as the previous access to the right equipment was dependent on a nearby leisure centre that closed because of structural issues in early 2020.

“There are many parts of England and Wales that need the support provided by our charity,” said Chairman Richard Allen. “We need everyone across the country to help us provide assistance to more clubs and schools through kind and generous donations.” Funds can be forwarded through Just Giving by using the direct link on the front page of the RALPHH website.

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