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RALPHH installs first debifribillator at Queens Park High School

Chester is the first place in the country to benefit from the national charity RALPHH.

A potentially life-saving defibrillator has been installed at the Boathouse of Queen’s Park High School on the River Dee. The Defibrillator will be available to use by members of all clubs on site and is also publically accessible.

The initiative has been made possible by a significant grant from RALPHH, as well as a donation organised by West Cheshire and Chester Councillors Razia Daniels and Neil Sullivan, both of Handbridge Park Ward.

“We are delighted to have worked with Queen’s Park High School to bring about a needed facility on an important stretch of the River Dee,” said RALPHH Chairman Richard Allen. “Our life-saving purpose is to see more defibrillators installed in locations where strenuous exercise may be undertaken. The benefits of exercise are considerable, but each year young people and others die from heart problems because the correct support equipment is not available to them.”

“We are delighted to have the support of RALPHH and the Councillor in making this initiative possible,” said Queen’s Park High School Headteacher Lyndsay Waterson. “Rowing is a popular sport at our School and our crews can frequently be seen training on the stretch of the River Dee between the groves and The Iron Bridge, Aldford.”

Richard Cox, Chairman of Rowing at the School,  Richard Allen, Chairman of RALPHH, Ruby Wilson, Freya Cossons, Grace Nugent and Sienna Taylor

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