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Just six weeks after raising £20,100 for the RALPHH charity through a sponsored row Kingston Grammar School has installed a plaque in memory of their past student who inspired the launch of the charity.

Robert Allen, who died in August 2018 from an undiagnosed heart condition, was a respected rower, having won a National Schools’ title and who also coached at his old school. His death so sufficiently shocked friends and friends that RALPHH was formed in his memory, attempting to reduce the risk of something similar happening to other young sporting people.

The charity has been active in helping part-fund defibrillation exquipment at schools and sports club locations and will provide a grant in January for the first in an anticipated series of ECG and sonar sessions for young people in the early stages of taking up strenuous physical sport.

One of the defibrillators to be jointly funded by RALPHH and Kingston Grammar School was installed in January on a school building that overlooks the popular Fairfield open space, close to Kingston upon Thames town centre. The commemorative plaque stands just above the equipment, housed in its weatherproof case.

The RALPHH charity is currently exploring new partnership opportunities in Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire, as well as a major new national initiative that would draw upon RALPHH grants for either equipment or testing associated with elite sport for young people.

“We welcome hearing from all parts of England Wales where it is believed we can assist with grants that range from £850-2000,” said RALPHH Chairman, Richard Allen. “Enquiries are welcome via the email address”

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