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RALPHH has been the beneficiary of a high-calibre concert of popular music held at St Mark’s Church, Surbiton in early July.

Given by the Vocality Surbiton choir, a supportive audience heard a range of different music, including songs of an international theme as well as popular classics such as “Make Your Own Kind of Music”, which was appreciated for the quality of the part singing on what was a warm evening.

RALPHH Chairman Richard Allen was asked to speak about the work of the charity at the end of the evening and those departing from the Church contributed £491.55, which will be used to extend RALPHH aims for more defibrillation equipment and effective testing for young people before they embark on particularly exerting sporting activity.

“Many thanks to Vocality Surbiton for both their generosity in adopting RALPHH as their beneficiary, but also for a marvelous evening of good songs, which were especially well-delivered,” said Richard Allen.

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