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Honiton College Gains a First in Devon

Honiton Community College has become the first school in Devon to benefit from grant money from the charity RALPHH, with the intention of potentially saving the lives of students, staff and visitors.

A defibrillator at the College, housed in the gymnasium, close to a nearby football field and next to an exercise room which is also used for public dancing lessons, was installed in the last week of the summer term.

“We are really pleased to be partnering with RALPHH on this initiative,” said Headteacher Glenn Smith. “Safety of all of the users of the College is a top priority and the addition of the defibrillator is a most useful further step.

RALPHH has plans for two further defibrillator installations in Devon by the Autumn. As well as other work in differing parts of the country. Pictured with students Benjamin Rich, Milly Elliott, Amelia Gowman and Bebe Wigram are left to right: Andy Smith, Head of Sport at Honiton Community College; Headteacher Glenn Smith; Richard Allen, Chairman of RALPHH; and Tony Smith, Chair of Governors at the College.

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